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Introduction (12th Fail OTT Release Conformed)

Finally we have some interesting news for you all and are happy to say that 12th Fail OTT release is conformed. In India 12th Fail was released on October 17, 2023 on theaters and its OTT release and TV premier was not yet announced. But today news came out why OTT release of 12th Fail was delayed. Continue reading full article to know everything in detail.

About Movie (12th Fail OTT Release Conformed)

12th Fail is one of the excellent movies of 2023. The level of acting that lead actor Vikrant Massey has shown in this movie is next level. By seeing his acting range in this movie, we can easily declare that he is the most underrated actor of Bollywood in present time. 12th Fail is actually a low budget movie but was blockbuster at Indian Box-office. This movie shows us a struggle of a poor village guy, who suffers a lot and struggles but never gives up on his dreams. This movie focuses on UPSC exam mainly about its exam structure and interview and the responsibility of an IAS officer in society. The level of motivation this movie provides cannot be explained in words, it is a feeling that can only be felt. So, if you have not watched it yet, then your wait is over because 12th Fail OTT release is conformed and is going to be released soon on Zee 5 .

Casts (12th Fail OTT Release Conformed)

We know that 12th Fail OTT release is conformed. But before knowing about OTT release date and streaming partner, lets know about its casts in detail.

Lead actor is Vikrant Massey who has played the role of Manoj Kumar Sharm in movie and lead actress is Medha Shankar who has played the role of Shraddha Joshi in movie. Harish Khanna has played role of father as Ramveer Sharma and Geeta Agrawal has played the role of Mother of Manoj Kumar Sharma. Other actors includes Joshi Anantvijay as Pritam Pandey, Anshuman Pushkar as Gauri Bhiya, Sarita Joshi as Dadi and Priyanshu Chatterjee as DSP Dushyant Singh. All together we can say that this movie includes excellent casting and everyone have given full justice to their roles in movie.

Director (12th Fail OTT Release Conformed)

As 12th Fail OTT release is conformed, lets know about the director who created such excellent movie. 12th Fail was directed by Vidhu Vinod Sharma. He is most talented director of Indian cinema. He has given us excellent movies like Wazir, Parinda and more better movies before. Because of his experience, talent and love towards movies, we are able to experience movies like 12th Fail and Wazir.

Cinematographer (12th Fail OTT Release Conformed)

The cinematographer of 12th Fail is most talented Shantanu Moitra. The cinematography of 12th Fail is up to the point. All camera angles are perfect.

Editors (12th Fail OTT Release Conformed)

The movie is well edited and the editors of 12th Fail are Vidhu Vinod Chopra and Jaskunwar Kohli.

Writers (12th Fail OTT Release Conformed)

Vidu Vinod Chopra is the main writer.  Jaskunwar Kholi is  Co- writer and Anurag Pathak and Aayush Saxena are associate writers of 12th Fail.

OTT platform (12th Fail OTT Release Conformed)

12th Fail OTT release is conformed and its OTT streaming platform is also conformed. 12th Fail movie is going to be released on Zee 5 as Zee 5 has bought its OTT rights from the makers. Zee 5 is a leading OTT platform of 2023 where all kinds of movies are released in HD quality. Not just movies Zee 5 also streams web series as well. In addition Zee 5 also produces its orginal movies with a wonderful cinema experience. Customer service of Zee 5 is also good. It provides 24 hours customer support. Subscription of Zee 5 is also cheaper compared to other streaming platforms like Amazon Prime Videos.

Why OTT Release Was Delayed (12th Fail OTT Release Conformed)

12th Fail OTT release is conformed but its release is delayed. Let’s know in detail about it. OTT release of 12th fail was supposed to be after 8 weeks of its release in theaters but unfortunately, it was not released on its supposed date. This happened because movie did great business on theater and got a wonderful response and ratings from both critics and audience. Movie was super block-buster at box-office and did unexpected business on India. SO, makers of 12th Fail have decided to send movies on all the film festivals and events. So, where ever there will be film festivals movie will be projected there 1st then it will be released on OTT.  Now new date where movie can be released is expected to be last of January 2024 or in February 2024.

About Oscar (12th Fail OTT Release Conformed)

Finally, 12th Fail OTT release is conformed and makers have thought to send movie for Oscar as well. As, movie have excellent reviews both from critics and audience, it is a great idea to apply for Oscar. Last year song from movie “RRR” won Oscar and let’s hope in 2024 12th fail might win Oscar.

Expected OTT Release Date (12th Fail OTT Release Conformed)

12th Fail is expected to be released on January end of 2024 or on February 2024. So, get ready to experience a movie full of motivation and emotions.

Fan Expectation

Fans of Vikrant Massey are very happy to see him on lead character on an individual movie. We all knew that Vikrant Massey is an excellent actor with a great acting range and he has proved us all with his acting in 12th Fail. Now all fans are waiting to watch 12th Fail on Zee 5 and the wait is going to be over soon. We hope Vikrant Massey gets new more such scripts as lead actor in coming days.


In conclusion, 12th Fail OTT release is conformed on Zee 5 and we are going to experience a great cinema on January 2024. 12th Fail movie is not just a movie, it is a feeling and a story of lots of youngsters from different villages of India. This movie shows that even if you are poor and uneducated, it doesn’t matter if you are determined to reach you goals. With effort there is nothing you won’t achieve in your life. The main thing that matters is your confidence on yourself and your will power to never give up on you dreams no matter what. This movie also proves that UPSC is not a joke rather it is a responsibility that everyone should respect. This movie sets an example in Indian cinema that even low budget movies can do great business if they have good content. 12th Fail has surprised everyone with its box-office collection even when it was clashed with other movies. Through this movie, actor Vikrant Massey, have proved his acting skills. So, let’s hope in 2024, we might get chance to experience great movies like 12th Fail. Finally, 12TH Fail is going to be released on starting of 2024 on Zee 5. So, get ready for a emotional and motivational journey of Manoj Kumar Sharma in 12th Fail.

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