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AS, you guys always ask us “what is the OTT release date of Animal?”, we can now officially say movie “Animal” is soon going to be released on OTT. We all know that Animal was released on December 1st, 2023 worldwide on Theaters. On the same day even another Bollywood movie was also released. Can you guess the movie name? Well don’t worry! we are here to help you out. It was none other than Sam Bahadur. Sam Bahadur is a real life story of a Sam Bahadur Manik, who was an Indian Army, who fought bravely for India. On the other hand movie Animal shows love of a son for his father who always stays out of house and won’t give time and importance to his son. This movie shows how much far can a son go for his father. By the way, let’s not discuss about these things and get directly to out topic, “what is the OTT release date of Animal”. Without creating any suspense, let’s disclose its OTT streaming partner which is none other than Netflix. But to know its OTT release date, you have to undergo through full article, so keep reading below.

Director (what is the OTT release date of Animal)

Before going to our topic “what is the OTT release date of Animal”, let’s discuss about the director. We all know that the heart of a movie is the director of movie and the director of Animal is none other than Sandeep Reddy Vanga. He is the same director who had directed Arjun Reddy and Kabir Singh. We all know that both of these movies were “A” certificate movies but even after being “A” certificate movies, both movies did wonderful collections at box office and were declared blockbuster. And now even Animal has got “A” certificate and its box office collection is mind blowing to know which we are going to discuss later in our article. So, keep reading and we hope you are enjoying our content.  

Writers (what is the OTT release date of Animal)

Without a good writer, there won’t be a good movie. A good story is always a main content of a movie. So, we should always give credit to the writer of a good movie. And the writers of movie animal are Suresh Bandaru, Saurabh Gupta and Pranay Reddy Vanga.

Casts (what is the OTT release date of Animal)

Without a good casting, movie can never be good. So, we should always talk about casting whenever we discuss a movie. So, let’s know the casting of movie “Animal”.

Ranbir Kapoor (Lead Actor) as Ranvijay Singh

Anil Kapoor as Balbir Singh (Father of Ranvijay Singh)

Rashmika Mandaana (Lead Actress) as Geetanjali Singh

Bobby Deol (Main Villian) as Abrar Haque

Tripti Dimri (Supporting Actress) as Zoya Riaz


About Movie (what is the OTT release date of Animal)

Before going to out topic, “what is the OTT release date of Animal”, let’s discuss about movie type in few words.

Animal is “A” certificate movie which shows love of a son for his father. A father who never appreciates his son, a father who is so much busy in his business that he doesn’t even have time to talk properly to his son. But in this movie son always loves his father no matter whether his father gives priority to him or not.

This movie shows lots of violent action and action scenes are very good and well made. First half is full of action and the action just before interval is mind blowing. But unfortunately, second half goes flat as story is second half is not so interesting. In second have movie shows love angle but in end when entry of Boby Deol occurs as villain then again movie takes peak and becomes interesting to watch. The ending is top notch to watch with a surprise for second part.

Ranbir kapoor has done great work. The level of acting done by Ranbir is too good. We can explore the acting range of Rabir Kapoor from Animal. Even Boby Deol has given justice to his role from his acting and what to say about Anil Kapoor, he is always good in any character he plays. Now let’s know, what is the OTT release date of Animal?

OTT Platform - (what is the OTT release date of Animal)

We are discussing, “what is the OTT release date of Animal” in this article. So, at first let’s discuss about the OTT streaming platform before knowing about OTT release date. Can anyone guess? where Animal is going to be released? Don’t worry! we are going to answer it for you. Are you excited to know it, well it is going to stream on Netflix very soon and we are going to disclose its release date as well later in this article.

Official OTT Release Date - (what is the OTT release date of Animal)

As, we are discussing, “what is the OTT release date of Animal”, lets discuss about the official release date of movie “Animal” on OTT. We have already told you that Animal will be streaming on Netflix. Its streaming date is 26th January, 2024. So, be ready to experience combo of violence, romance, emotions and lot of action, all together on 26th January as Animal, only on Netflix.

World Wide Box Office Collection - (what is the OTT release date of Animal)

It’s been 9 days since movie has been released on theaters and movie has done block buster collection worldwide. Its worldwide box office collection of 1st 9 days is 660.89 CR. Movie is expected to cross 1000 CR, in its overall life time and is going to create history being “A” certificate movie.

Second Part of Animal - (what is the OTT release date of Animal)

As, we are discussing “what is the OTT release date of Animal”, lets discuss about the second part of movie as well. At the end of movie, after climax scene, director Sandeep Reddy Vanga has officially conformed, its second part.  Name of second part is going to be “Animal Park”. In second part Ranbir Kapoor is going to play double role. Main theme of movie is going to be Ranbir vs Ranbir. Even second part is going to be full of action. So, let’s hope, I will be released in late 2024.


In conclusion, we can say that Animal is a wonderful movie with great story, thrilling action scenes and romantic songs. Movie was released on theaters on 1st December 2023 worldwide and is still doing great business by reaching 660.89 CR, just in 9 days. After its theater run, it is going to be streaming on Netflix and the official streaming date is 26th January 2024. Even its second part has been conformed and the name of second part is also conformed as “Animal Park”.

Movie has got wonderful reviews and ratings from audience while critics didn’t like movie because of its adult content and flat second half. Movie became very popular among youngster as they were able to relate the character of Ranvijaya Singh with their own life. Even after having “A” certificate, movie did wonderful opening on Indian box office as well as worldwide. On an opening day movie earned more than 100 CR and in its first 9 days movie did a collection of 660.89 CR which is an unimaginable collection for “A” certificate movie. Movie is expected to cross 1000CR worldwide in its life time breaking all previous records for “A” certificate movies and create history.

1st December, 2023 on theater and 26th January, 2024 on Netflix.

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